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If you are looking for Independent voice on Investing, Retirement Planning & Financial Planning Podcast in Ireland, you may have just found it! Join me, Paddy Delaney as we talk straight and steer you towards a better financial future. Take control of your financial future and develop successful habits with your money. Join Paddy Delaney on Ireland's award-winning Personal Finance & Financial Planning Podcast & Blog. He aims to cuts through the sometimes confusing jargon of financial products and services, to help you make informed financial decisions, for you........No nonsense, straight up fact, and a little bit of a laugh at the same time! The Podcast is on a mission to enable it's listeners provide themselves with better financial futures, and ultimately to make a positive difference in the lives of listeners. Thanks so much for checking out the show! You can get in touch by email: Paddy Delaney Qualified Financial Advisor Qualified Retirement Planning Advisor Qualified General Insurance Practitioner Qualified Executive Coach
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Sep 25, 2023

In this week's podcast, we talk to Glenn Gaughran, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Independent Trustee Company (ITC), about PRSAs and Pension Property.


With big changes in 2023 to PRSAs, Glenn tells us some great nuggets about what opportunities are available to those who have or wish to set up a PRSA.

Key points:

  • What are Trustees
  • PRSA 2023 changes
  • Who can benefit from PRSA changes
  • Master Trusts
  • Property in pensions

I hope it helps!


Sep 18, 2023

I was fortunate to attend FutureProof last week, the world's biggest Wealth Management and Financial Advice conference, attended by c3,000 Financial Advisors. It was held in L.A, California and so was attended mostly by US and Canadian advisors and institutions.

And given US/Canada are probably 15 years ahead of us in progressive advice in clients' interests, it is a great place to get ideas and inspiration as to how best serve clients here in Ireland.

This week, you benefit from some of that inspiration; where I share the top 5 trends that I observed from being immersed in FutureProof for 3 days

Sep 4, 2023

In the ever-evolving ocean of investments, where trends and fads can shift like the currents of the oceans beneath us, it's essential to keep a steady hand on the wheel.

Amid the chorus of voices clamoring for the latest high-flying assets, one must pause and reconsider the tried-and-true: bonds.

As financial advisors, it's our duty to ensure our clients make informed decisions. That's why we'll discuss why abandoning bonds might not be the wisest move, especially in today's dynamic market


Aug 29, 2023

This week I share some lessons we can learn from Johnny Sexton's reported pension planning in recent weeks! I've not even met the man (yet!) but he is a sporting legend, and I admire everything that he's done (even balling the referees for some of their Cup Final decisions!). And he has set yet another fine leadership example in terms of his pension planning. Let's learn from the boss!


I hope you enjoy it!

Aug 22, 2023

In this week's podcast, Paddy has a fantastic chat with Brad Barret the MD of a $5Bn planning firm.

Brad is a Managing Director with One Capital Management. He advises private individuals and families on their personal investment and advanced planning needs.

In addition, he oversees the firm's Retirement and Corporate Services practice. His firm manages nearly $5 Billion dollars for thousands of families across the United States and abroad. 

Brad is the author of, Retire Right: Secure the Right Path to Your Retirement here is the link to his book on Amazon, and here is a link to his website

He is also the host of two podcasts, Make Your Money Matter and Pension Attention.

Make Your Money Matter with Brad Barrett

Key topics include:

  • Favourite part of being a financial advisor
  • Stork theory
  • Personalising the approach for each client
  • Making your money matter
  • Approaching giving

I hope you find it helpful!


The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness 

Aug 14, 2023

Today I share some thoughts on holding cash, some saucy Central Bank of Ireland research on Irish households, and a warning about going all-in!

Irish Household Wealth

Aside from their regulatory role over financial services, Central Bank of Ireland share some really interesting research and reports. One such recent report was their 'Quarterly Financial Accounts' for Ireland.

For me, one of the greatest signals of our financial health as a nation is our 'Household Debt'. This rate hit a high in 2007 when it stood at €203BN. Working on the basis that there are c3.6m adults in Ireland this was around €60k debt for every man and woman over 18 years of age in the country!

That €203BN debt figure has fallen steadily since 2007, to €131BN in 2020, (€36k per adult) and now sits at c€120BN (€33k per adult).

Read on!


Jul 31, 2023

Independent investment advice in Ireland is a rare thing, at least under current Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Currently, only an investment advice firm in Ireland that does not receive any form of commission can call themselves 'Independent'. So does that mean getting independent investment advice in Ireland is deeply flawed, not at all! This week I'll help you learn about;

  • Key considerations before you invest
  • Knowing the source of your advice
  • If any investment advice is truly impartial?

I hope it helps!

Jul 24, 2023

If securing a high-quality retirement income is high on your agenda, nailing the answers to the following questions ought to be high on your list of priorities.

Whether you are just starting your career or approaching retirement age, 'today' is the next-best time to explore these, if you haven't already done so. With the intention of helping you make informed decisions, here are 9 important retirement planning questions to consider and answer.

I hope it helps!

Jul 17, 2023
This week we bring back episode one in the popular 'A Listerner's Journey' podcast series with William Lacey.
Throughout this series, William talks about his journey of escaping full-time employment. This is an insightful and helpful series that discusses many of the concerns, thoughts, priorities, and actions that many of us face as we transition to retirement.
If you enjoy episode one, you can listen to the rest of the series as follows:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Jul 3, 2023

While Paddy is off enjoying his annual leave we bring you a classic and popular podcast from 2021. 

Lars is a former hedge fund manager, author, and entrepreneur from Denmark. 

Can we beat the market? If we can’t what should we do?

Lars and Paddy talk about investments, hedge funds, beating markets, and much more that we hope you will find helpful.

Jun 19, 2023

Inheriting a house can be a significant financial event. It carries its own set of implications and considerations.  From taxes to inheritance thresholds, the financial aspects of inherited property can are worth considering if it is on your horizon, or that of your beneficiaries!

In this week's podcast, I will explore:

  • The intricacies of inheriting a house in Ireland
  • The implications of taxes and how they affect inheritance tax thresholds
  • Why many people choose to sell an inherited home
  • The benefits and drawbacks of such a decision

May 29, 2023

Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and weaknesses. They each have different skill sets. None of them are perfect, and I include myself in that!

In this short piece, I will delve into the importance of what financial advisors can do with and for their clients, even though many clients receiving said advice might not immediately recognise what they are actually helping them do, achieve and avoid!

Key Points

  • Avoiding fear-mongering
  • Personalising the approach
  • Keep investors on course, in 'good' and 'bad' times
  • Taking time to provide the correct answer for you

May 22, 2023

This week we have something a little different. We recently hosted a webinar with Pension and Revenue expert Clive Slattery. If you missed the webinar, here is the audio, which I hope you find helpful.

Clive will talk about recent PRSA changes.

- The implications for PAYE & Business Owners
- How & Why these changes have come about
- The significant tax opportunity that exists


PRSAs are relevant to most people as it is a pension that anyone can start.



Sunday Times Article

May 15, 2023

What happens to my pension benefits if I suffer a death in service? (die while being an employee and a member of the company pension scheme!).


On a regular basis, we help clients to manage their pension planning, so as to avoid potential pitfalls in this area. Reason being, it has the potential to have a hugely negative impact on one's financial future.

What you'll learn:

  • How Personal Pension assets are treated on death (with simple example!)
  • How Company Pension assets are treated on death (with worked example)
  • How you can plan around the current rules for pensions in death in service

I hope it helps

May 8, 2023

This week we are joined by William Lacey who we followed on his transition to retirement in a series of podcasts.

William talks about the lessons he has learned from his journey and the key things he would do if he were to transition to retirement again.

The goal is to hopefully, by sharing his experiences help others that are on their retirement journey.

I hope it helps

Apr 24, 2023

This week I talk about Estate Planning; what to think about and what is important.

While it might not be a topic that gets you all revved up, Estate Planning is considered to be a key aspect of managing one's long-term personal finances, regardless of how simple or complex their financial situation. 


Key Estate Planning Points

  • Make use of the small gift exemption to the max you can
  • Ensure you have a will in place
  • Is section 72 really a good idea
  • Estate planning is an essential part of your financial plan
  • Things to consider, if Estate Planning is on your mind

I hope it helps.

Apr 17, 2023

Even subconsciously, the question surely pops into most people's heads; "Why Do I Need A Will?"

Given that a large percentage of the human race is reluctant to take action now that will benefit their future self, it is no surprise to hear that the majority of people in Ireland haven't made a Will (which will benefit their heirs and loved ones, and not themselves!). The Farmer's Journal put that figure at 70% of Irish people do not have a Will as of 2022.

In this week's episode, in an effort to shift that needle, I will share with you 7 Important considerations in making a Will.

Mar 27, 2023

This week we bring you our first-ever Guest-Post, all about Entrepreneur Relief versus Pension Contributions. I will keep the author a surprise until the end of the piece (don't fast forward!), and it might indeed be a fairly big surprise when you do discover who wrote it!

  • Entrepreneur Relief Principles
  • Pension Contribution Watch-Outs
  • Comparison of the two approaches
  • A practical comparison of doing €1m on both

All I (Paddy) will say, is that I sure hope you don't like this style better than my own :).

Mar 13, 2023

This week I share 12 clear signs it's time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start some new professional journey, a new personal journey, or a combination of both.

I share this piece in the hope that it will give you hope! Give you hope if you are on the cusp of retirement and doubting if you can or you can't. Give you hope if you are wondering if you are alone, mad, or simply wrong to retire. 

Key Takeaways

  • Your pension fund is healthy and can provide you with a comfortable retirement income
  • Your children are financially independent
  • 'Work' is incapable of giving you a sense of purpose
  • You want to spend more time with family and other interests
  • Your health is starting to suffer

I hope it helps.


Mar 6, 2023

If you have ever heard of Custom House Capital, Dolphin Trust, or Solar 21, you will know that Unregulated Investments in Ireland are commonplace and contentious.

I'm certainly not an expert on these types of products, but I know enough to realise that I wouldn't touch unregulated investments with my own money, never-mind someone who trusts me to mind theirs! So this week, I'll share with you:

  • What are Unregulated Investments
  • It's all about the money!
  • Do they go wrong?
  • How to spot if something is regulated or unregulated
  • Why you might consider some alternatives

This piece is being shared based on a suggestion from a long-term podcast listener, so thanks for the prompt!

Feb 27, 2023

This week Paddy chats with Jason Parker. Jason is the author of Sound Retirement Planning, the host of the Sound Retirement Radio podcast, a frequent guest on ABC, NBC and Fox, and the inventor of the Retirement Budget Calculator.

Key talking points:

  • Key things to know if you'll be ok in retirement
  • Retirement Budget Calculator
  • Retirement cashflow
  • What questions should you be asking about your money when you retire
  • Temporary safety vs. long-term strategy
  • Reinforcing your discipline and understanding
  • Bucket Strategy

I hope you enjoy the conversation.


RBC - Calculator (

New research shows the bucket strategy is better than previously thought. - RBC (

Retirement Calculator: How much money do I need to retire?: Parker, Jason R., Rounds, Hannah: 9798841614555: Books

Sound Retirement Planning: A retirement planning journey designed to achieve clarity, confidence & freedom.: Parker, Jason R.: 9781727749861: Books



Ryan Holiday – Discipline Is Destiny

Ryan Holiday – The Obstacle Is the Way

James Allen – As a Man Thinketh

Randy Alcorn – The Treasure Principle


Brian Buffini Podcast It's a Good Life on Apple Podcasts

Feb 20, 2023

Choosing a Financial Advisor in Ireland is not an easy task! There are many different types of advisors, operating in different ways, being remunerated differently, and all delivering different services. 

In this piece, I will share with you;

  • How to recognise the different types of financial advisors in Ireland
  • Why Financial Advisors are comparable to prostitutes, escorts and spouses!
  • How different types of advisors are paid for what they do
  • Why all Financial Advisors are not the same

I hope it helps.

Feb 13, 2023

In this episode, Paddy has a great chat with Paul Merriman from The Merriman Financial Education Foundation in the USA.

The foundation is dedicated to providing financial education to those of all ages.

Paul shares his wealth of knowledge from decades of experience from starting his own Merriman Wealth Management after retiring to setting up his foundation. 

Key topics covered:

  • Investing successfully
  • Equity asset classes
  • Emotions of Investing
  • Hardest thing about investing
  • Maths of investing
  • Follow the history

I hope you enjoy this insightful interview.



Merriman Financial Education Foundation Lifetime Investment Calculator - Paul Merriman

About Paul

Here are some helpful resources from The Merriman Financial Education Foundation:

Selecting of the appropriate amount of fixed income (Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation)

Choosing the best fixed distribution asset allocation

Choosing the best flexible distribution asset allocation

Quilt charts

Investing for Children

The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

Free E-book from Paul - get it here We’re Talking Millions! 12 Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement or here Free E-book

Paul Merriman Podcast

Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich by Jason Zweig - Paul's book recommendation

Jan 30, 2023

This week I bring you some facts, no metaphors, no story, just facts about recent and important pension changes in Ireland!

  • Important changes to PRSAs
  • Upcoming changes to UK State Pension benefits (applicable to all those in Ireland with some time accrued in HMRC UK State Pension)
  • Recent changes to Lump Sums from foreign pensions (including Malta etc.)


Jan 23, 2023

I estimate that there are approximately 100 people retiring today, and tomorrow etc. etc. Of these c100 people retiring each day of the week, some are really well prepared and will have a smooth journey.

However, others will be less prepared and so face a little more challenge and hurdles. My hope is that this piece will help a few to blow any hurdles out of their way with ease!

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